I used a credit card in the self-serve bay, and the timer won’t stop even though the machine has. What can I do?

Make sure you push the SILVER stop button right next to the credit card reader. There is a small “stop” sign on the label above this button, but it is only part of the label. Make sure you are pushing the silver button. Many customers panic when they push the “stop” and nothing happens. This is because it is only a label, not a button. There is an arrow from the label to the button to help guide you.

Your dollar coin machine just gave me a quarter. What can I do?

Look at it very carefully. It’s probably a silver Susan B. Anthony – just another dollar coin with a funny color. While we don’t have as many of these as the regular gold-colored dollar coins, they do surface quite frequently. Yes, they are still worth only one dollar.

Do I really need to rinse my car before using the bubble brush?

You don’t have to, but we suggest rinsing before touching your car with anything else. The reason for this is that any dirt or road grime trapped on the surface of your car will act like sandpaper as it is wiped or brushed. A quick rinse will clear your car of this grime and allow you to polish it scratch-free with the bubble brush.

Do you do detailing?

We do not offer detailing, but we do have lots of space for you to do your own if you wish. We only ask that if someone is waiting in line behind you that you pull out of the washbay before drying and detailing your car. There is plenty of room in the back and around the south side of the wash that provide a shady place for drying and detailing your car. We also have a vending machine in front that contains towels, sponges, fresheners, leather cleaner, tire cleaner, and more for your detailing needs. Ask at the door if there is something you want that you don’t see in the vending machine—we just might have it inside!

Do you offer fundraiser opportunities for groups?

Yes, we do. Look for more information on our fundraiser and fleet accounts under the tab in this website for more information.

Do you sell tokens or discount coins?

Sorry, we do not. We do offer Washbucks, which are good in the automatic bay. These can be purchased for $7 each, and they are good for the $7 wash. Buy five or more, and they are discounted to $6 each (still good for the $7 wash). If you usually buy the Ultimate $8 wash, you can insert a dollar with your Washbuck, and the machine will upgrade you to the Ultimate wash. Call us for more details or to purchase your Washbucks: 801-621-3113.

Is your soap and wax safe for all car finishes?

Yes. We use only SkyBlue soaps and waxes, which are formulated for today’s car finishes. Always remember to rinse, either with the high-pressure cold rinse or the spot-free rinse when in the self-serve bays. The automatic will do the rinsing for you.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24 hours, 7 days per week, year round. We have an attendant on duty for four hours per day every day except Sunday if you have any questions or concerns. Outside of these times, you can call the number on our door for any questions you may have: 801-621-3113.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes – all our washbays and the automatic pay station are equipped with card readers. The vacuums and vending machines, however, are not. There is an ATM at the Goldenwest Credit Union next door if you need to use your card for change.

Do the dollar coins work in all machines?

Yes – dollar coins work in all our machines: vacuums, vending, and washbays. They also work anywhere outside the carwash as well. We provide these coins as a convenience to you, especially if you are in a hurry!