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Since its inception in 1991, Ride Pride USA carwash has been in continuous business, serving the surrounding areas and northern Utah. With three self-serve bays and one automatic, four bi-motor vacuums, a vending machine full of detailing supplies, and lots of open space for drying and detailing, this carwash is consistently ranked a favorite among self-serve carwashes. In 2014, Jeff and Cheyney purchased Ride Pride USA and set about maintaining the high level of service their customers had come to expect and love. Joe, a long-time friendly fixture at the carwash, joins them every Saturday and at various times during the month as needed. As per tradition, drive through the automatic and receive a free air freshener whenever we are here.  

Our self-serve bays offer eight washing options and cash or credit payment options, hot water in the winter, genuine spot free rinse, and a brightly-lit space 24/7. The southern wall of each bay has clip holders for your floor mats, rugs, or other washables. Our bays are powered by individual CAT triplex pumps, which provide superior water pressure for even the dirtiest car surface. We use SkyBlue soaps and waxes in all our bays.  

Ride Pride USA houses a Mark VII automatic, one of the best washing machines on the market. We offer four washing options, ranging in price from $5 to $8. Just as with our other bays, the automatic accepts both cash and credit, along with the choice of a printed receipt. As with the self-wash bays, the automatic is open year round, 24/7 for your washing convenience.

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